With our team at ADPerformance, we are able to provide everything you need at every step of the marketing life-cycle with experts in all areas crucial to a successful online campaign.


Media Buys

Don’t know where to find your customers? We can help. We’ve built strong relationships with the top mobile publishers and ad networks across the globe. We’ll negotiate to get the most eyeballs for the best rates possible. We’ll build a creative package that protects your brand as well as gains the most interest for your particular product.

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We’re most proud of our proprietary tracking system – built from the ground up and integrated with several third-party data providers in order to build the most robust view of each click your ad receives. We believe that a marketing budget is never lost if it is used to purchase data. We gather information on country, carrier, device, operating system, screen size, ad placement, and more.

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Most campaigns fail because assumptions are made before they start, or conclusions cannot be made after they finish. Our analytics team makes no assumptions, and lets the data determine the conclusion. Is your product more suited for someone with an Android phone or an iPhone? You don’t need to know before you start. If a customer in California with a Verizon Samsung Galaxy III wants to buy your product, we’ll find out for you.

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